I like to think of Montenegro as a country of three regions.

There’s the stunning coast, which it is particularly famous for.

There are the cities in the middle, which are full of history (good and bad) and where you’ll find most of the locals.

And there are the dramatic mountains and national parks further inland.

For most travellers, there are lots of options for how you can visit Montenegro. You can have a relaxing coastal holiday at the charming towns around Kotor Bay or further south.

You can use a car to explore the diverse historical and cultural sights. Or you can get amongst the nature and spend as much time as you want hiking through the mountains and around the lakes.

Although you can visit Montenegro throughout the year, it gets very busy in summer when tourists come for the beach resorts along the coast. Inland is less crowded, but I prefer to come in the shoulder seasons.

Spring or autumn are perfect, because it’s still warm enough to enjoy the coast and it’s pleasant in the national parks further inland. Winter is a bit too cold, and you won’t see the best of the country at that time of year.

Montenegro is considered to be a fairly safe country, and you are unlikely to have problems with major crime (although petty crime like pickpocketing exists in the busy tourist areas).

The currency is the Euro, written as €.

Montenegro uses the C power plug, with two round prongs.

The official language is Montenergin, but English is common.

It wasn’t so long ago that Montenegro was unknown to most travellers. The Balkans weren’t considered to be a place that you went on holiday. But then Croatia opened up and became much more popular – and now Montenegro is following in its stead.

Travelling around Montenegro is very easy, particularly closer to the coast. The most convenient way to get between cities is by bus, and you can book the intercity buses here. Although there is a train inland through the centre of the country, the buses are much more frequent.

Country - Montenegro Placeholder
Country - Montenegro

Natural sights

While you’re visiting Montenegro, don’t miss these natural highlights:

Cultural sights

It’s not all beaches! Here’s how to get your culture fix.

As you can see, there are so many amazing experiences to discover within Montenegro – many of which are not crowded with tourists, even though they are among the best in Europe.