Skogskyrkogarden, The Woodland Cemetery, Stockholm, Sweden

Rest in trees

What makes Skogskyrkogarden so special it would be named a World Heritage Site? This is what it’s like to visit Stockholm’s Woodland Cemetery.

Drottningholm Palace, Stockholm, Sweden

Visit Drottningholm Palace

There aren’t many royal palaces in the world you can visit where the king and queen live. But Drottningholm Palace in Sweden is one of them!

Karingon island, Sweden

The calm during the storm

As the storm rolls in, the thunder rumbles and the rain surrounds me. I get wet… but I feel a calmness for the first time since I arrived on Karingon.

Udden stone sculptures, Hunnebostrand, Sweden

Don’t take anything for granite

In a small Swedish town that has taken so much from the natural stones, artists are giving something back to the granite landscapes of the coast.

Things to do in Smogen, Sweden

Finding the beauty in Smogen

Smogen, on an island just of the West Swedish coast, is a lively summer town. But it’s away from the people that I found my favourite spots.

Tanum rock carvings, Bohuslän, Sweden

Carving out their place

Imagine being the first person to stumble upon these ancient carvings from 3000 years ago. And then to discover there are hundreds of thousands of them!