things to do in nord pas de calais

What’s mine is yours

An old mining landscape may see like an odd place for tourism – but it’s actually more beautiful and interesting than you could ever imagine!

visit pont du gard

Control the water, control the people

The Romans didn’t just use armies to take over Europe. Constructions like this bridge helped them win the hearts and minds of the people they conquered.

joan of arc rouen

Joan of Arc’s road to Rouen

Joan of Arc met her death in the French city of Rouen, where she was burned at the stake. But the city seems to love the young heroine these days!

souillac france

A French market

Each Friday, the main square in the small town of Souillac comes alive. It’s market day and that means a traditional French gathering of local producers.

headwater walking holidays

Walking… and thinking

The thing I love so much about walking is the peace it creates in my mind. I find I think a lot. On this particular walk, I had some special inspiration.