From an island to a sea to a field

It looks like a field but the Dutch site of Schokland has a long history. Once it was an island, then it was a sea. Now it is land again. What’s it like to visit?

wouda pumping station

Visit the DF Wouda Pumping Station

The small Dutch town of Lemmer is home to a marvel of human engineering: the DF Wouda Pumping Station, the world’s largest and still in use!

van gogh house

Van Gogh’s Dutch countryside

in 1883, Vincent Van Gogh lived in this house in the north of the Netherlands. He used the time to evolve as a painter and capture the Dutch countryside.

art galleries in amsterdam

Best art galleries in Amsterdam

There are dozens of galleries and museums in Amsterdam displaying world class art – from classic to modern. Here are some of the best to visit.

World Heritage Sites of the Netherlands

World Heritage Sites in The Netherlands

The World Heritage Sites in the Netherlands are mainly based on water, particularly the control of it. But to appreciate them properly, you need to see them for yourself.