The best things to do in Chile

Things to do in Chile

From the deserts to the glaciers, with cities and heritage, food and wine, there are so many things to do in Chile.

Chiloe Mythology, Folklore of Castro and Ancud, Chile

The deformed troll in the forest

Many societies seem to have a mythological ogre-like creature in their cultural histories. But none seems as scary as the deformed dwarf of Chiloe.

Chiloe churches, the World Heritage Churches of Chiloe, Castro, Chile

The funeral crasher

Chiloe is like a world unto its own, a literal island in the heart of Chile. And it’s the churches of this region which are the pride and joy.

Things to do in Pucon

The beach in the mountains

A beach in the middle of the mountains, a huge volcano challenging you to climb it, and dozens of hippie cafes. This is life in Pucon, Chile.

Climbing Villaricca Volcano, Pucon, Chile

Turtle versus the volcano

It was a tough climb through snow and across volcanic rocks. At times the pain got too much. But imagining the summit of the volcano kept me going.

Sewell abandoned mining town, Andes, Chile

Ye olde abandoned mining town

The abandoned mining town of Sewell, high in the Andes of Chile, is an eerie place. Now heritage-protected, it is a reminder of the hard lives many men had.