Visiting Valparaiso in Chile

The panoramic kaleidoscope

The cultural capital of Chile in Valparaiso is one huge explosion of colour. It’s a city you can explore for days and getting lost here is a pleasure!

Santiago fish market, Mercado Central, Chile

Something a bit fishy

With restaurants and buzzing business, the fish market in Santiago is a tourist magnet. For locals, Mercado Central is the source of the best food.

Stray dogs in Santiago, Chile

It’s a dog’s life

There’s something about the street dogs in Chile’s city, Santiago. They’re healthy and plump with lush coats. Why? Because the community looks after them!

Things to do in Santiago, Chile

Hitting the streets of Santiago

Chile’s capital is but a stage for our free tour guide. But there’s something about his stories that bring the city to life. And what a city Santiago is!