monkey and lizard

A monkey makes a meal of it

Sometimes coming face to face with nature can be brutal. Watch what happens when a monkey catches a lizard in Costa Rica.

costa rica chocolate tours

A tale of two chocolates

Two different experiences. Two different ways of approaching tourism in Costa Rica. Which would you prefer?

bajos del toro

Off the track in Costa Rica

There are plenty of places in Costa Rica for the tourists… this one is for the locals. What is it like to live in a town of just 200 people?

sloth sanctuary costa rica

Sloth is not a sin

It was never planned this way but one family has dedicated itself to rescuing the injured and orphaned sloths of Costa Rica

santa juana lodge

Turning the community green

When your community survives by cutting down the jungles for agriculture, it can mean some tough choices when your country turns eco-friendly.