things to do in tallinn

Things to do in Tallinn

There are lots of things to do in Tallinn so I thought I would put together this list to help you plan a trip to this beautiful European city!

tallinn old town

Tallinn’s historic centre

In the winding streets of the Old Town of Tallinn are centuries of history. The ancient fortified walls hold the highlights of a trip to Estonia’s capital.

soviet statue graveyard

Dumping the soviet symbols

When the Soviets left Estonia, their statues remained. Rather than destroy them, the people of Estonia dumped some of them here in a hidden spot in Tallinn.

patarei prison art

An artistic release

It hasn’t been that long since Patarei Prison in Tallinn was abandoned. Although it’s still scary – the walls are now covered in modern street art.

patarei prison

The abandoned Soviet prison

What horrors must have taken place in this old Soviet maximum security prison? It’s easy to imagine as you explore the abandoned site for yourself.