The oldest church in Serbia

The ancient capital of Serbia, Stari Ras, lives on with several old religious buildings which are now protected by the World Heritage List.

studenica monastery

The long road to the monastery

The Studenica Monastery is a World Heritage Site and one of the most important religious sites in Serbia. So why do they make it so hard to get to?

things to do in nis, serbia

Nis to meet you

The Serbian city of Nis is one of the oldest in Europe and so it is full of history. There is plenty to see and do as a tourist.

skull tower, nis

Skull Tower

Skull Tower was built in the Serbian city of Nis two hundred years ago to scare off attackers. Almost 1000 human skulls were used in construction.

fruska gora national park

Is this really the jewel of Serbia?

The north of Serbia is mainly devoted to farmland but one national park, known as ‘the jewel of Serbia’ can be found in the region. But is it worth it?