things to do in mongolia

Things to do in Mongolia

My tips for the best things to do in Mongolia, from the desert to the mountains, with monasteries, natural wonders, and experiencing local life.

hustai national park

A Mongolian destiny

For Dashpurev Tserendeleg, his destiny was always going to be following his father’s legacy to protect a Mongolian national treasure.

gobi cashmere

Where there’s a wool…

One of the most important industries for Mongolia is cashmere. But is demand for the wool causing permanent damage to the country?

ulaanbaatar black market

Mongolia’s Black Market

They say you can get anything you want here at the Black Market in Ulaanbaatar. So what is it like to step into Mongolia’s busiest marketplace?

mongolian wild horses

The world’s last wild horses

The Przewalski’s Horse is the only true wild horse on earth. To see it outside of captivity, you can come to this national park in Mongolia.

mongolian nomads

Mongolian nomadic life

Meet 72 year old Nanjilmaa who has spent her whole life as a nomad in Mongolia and has no plans to stop now.