things to do in asuncion

Snaps in Asuncion

The capital of Paraguay, Asuncion, has small charms for the small number of visitors it gets. This photo gallery gives you a taste of the city centre.

paraguay travel

Travels through Paraguay

What’s it like to travel through Paraguay? The buses aren’t the most comfortable but they are the most convenient and offer a real insight to the country.

encarnacion paraguay

The city that disappeared

The city of Encarnacion in Paraguay moved up the hill, out of the path of a flooding river. But guess what? The flooding never came and it’s a ghost town!

granja el roble

Beyond the wall…

Near the city of Concepcion in Paraguay, a German biologist has set up his own personal zoo and ecotourism lodge. But what is the story behind it all?

itaipu dam

That’s dam big!

The Itaipu Dam in Paraguay is one of the seven Engineering Wonders of the World. It was also the largest of its kind in the world until recently.