uncontacted tribes paraguay

The village where life begins again

In this story, I travel with a famous British explorer into the heart of the Paraguay jungle to find an indigenous tribe cut off from mainstream society.

indigenous people of paraguay

Land of the lost

The indigenous tribes of Paraguay have been mistreated over the years. In their words, this is their story, history and desires.

pro cosara

Saving the forests of Paraguay

Locked in battle with illegal loggers and local farmers, Pro Cosara is a small organisation trying to save the dwindling Atlantic Forest in Paraguay.

new australia paraguay

The search for a new Australia

Nueva Australia was supposed to be a communist utopia in the middle of Paraguay. But the Australians who sailed there were defeated by their own disunity.

ciudad del este

Entering Paraguay: The border town

The border town of Ciudad del Este is the entry point to Paraguay from Iguazu. But it’s also a chaotic hotbed of cheap (and often black market) shopping.