things to do in dublin

Things to do in Dublin

A comprehensive list of the best tourist sites in Dublin and how you can save money when visiting them!

visit trim castle

Sir Laugh-a-Lot

At one of the most interesting medieval castles in Ireland, there’s a special character waiting to greet me!

historical sites in ireland

Ireland’s Ancient East

Ireland’s eastern coast has 5000 years of stories to tell. From prehistoric tribes to bloody warfare, it’s all here!

loughcrew megalithic centre

Ireland’s early astronomers

There are so many mysteries to unravel in Ireland’s Ancient East. What did these old stone cairns at Loughcrew mean? Do they represent the stars?

beaulieu house drogheda

Opening up your grand family home

This grand old home has been held by the same family for 11 generations. But in this modern world, looking after the house is not all smooth sailing!

teeling whiskey tour

Fuel of the Liberties

Can you believe this is the first whiskey distillery to be built in Dublin in 125 years?! It seems Irish whiskey is having a resurgence and a Teeling Whiskey Tour in Dublin shows you how.