perito moreno

An ice age

Travel through Patagonia and the natural wonders are countless. But none is as impressive as the enormous Perito Moreno Glacier near El Calafate.

argentina rodeo

Rodeo in the mountains

At the foot of the great mountains of Patagonia, I come upon a traditional Argentinian rodeo. The gauchos keep me captivated for hours as I watch them ride.

el chalten trekking

The jewel in Patagonia’s crown

The small Patagonian town of El Chalten offers a base for some of the best day hikes in the region – especially the climb to Mount Fitzroy!

cueva de las manos

Cave of hands

In the middle of Argentina, far from anything, is this remarkable piece of evidence of humans who lived many thousands of years ago but left their mark… literally.

peninsula valdes

Seals of approval

This World Heritage Site in the north of Patagonia has an incredible collection of animals – all on view for visitors within the Peninsula Valdes.

parque el desafio gaiman

Trash or treasure?

For years the Parque El Desafio was a playground for the local children. But it also stood for much more – an example of how trash can be used for good.