punta tombo

Millions of happy feet

The penguins look so hot at Punta Tombo in Argentina’s Patagonia region. Where is the ice? There are millions of them and they’re right in front of you!

mendoza to santiago

Crossing the Andes

The border crossing from Argentina to Chile is a long process by bus. But the amazing scenery and views make up for the time spent in customs.

mendoza wine tours

My Mendoza love affair

Falling in love with wine in Argentina’s Mendoza region is a salacious affair. The bodies of the varieties and delicate tastes are like a forbidden liaison.

difunta correa

The unofficial saint for travellers

The church doesn’t recognise her, but millions of people worship Difunta Correa as the patron saint of travellers. You can tell by the roadside shrines.

ischigualasto provincial park

Man on the moon

This national park in Argentina is not the easiest to get to – but the trip is worthwhile. The stunning landscapes resemble something from outer space!