Where to stay on Koh Phangan


Choosing where to stay on Koh Phangan is important because each area has a different atmosphere.

Where to stay on Koh Phangan

Written by Michael Turtle

Michael Turtle is the founder of Time Travel Turtle. A journalist for more than 20 years, he's been travelling the world since 2011.

Michael Turtle is the founder of Time Travel Turtle and has been travelling full time for a decade.

I've got lots of details about Koh Phangan accommodation below - but you can also jump straight down to my top tips on where to stay in Koh Phangan:

Long gone are the days when Koh Phangan was just a backpacker party island. That still exists, but it tends to be contained within a small area around Haad Rin. Instead, what you’ll now find is a little tropical paradise full of relaxing beachside communities where travellers of all ages mingle under the palms.

Choosing where to stay on Koh Phangan can be an important decision because one of the joys of visiting the island is having your own ‘local beach’ where you’ll find a community that feels like home by the time you leave.

But, having said that, it’s not hard to get around the island if you have a scooter, so some people might prefer to focus on convenience.

Where to stay on Koh Phangan

People definitely come for the beaches, but there’s much more here than that. The mountains and the jungles offer some great walks, there’s plenty of local culture dotted across the island, and you’re never far from some amazing roadside food.

Over the years, the island has become pretty cool and that’s not just reflected in the best things to do on Koh Phangan, but also in the accommodation options.

Finding the right Koh Phangan accommodation for your trip means knowing what you want. For example, are you after a central location like Thong Sala, a remote escape like Thong Nai Pan, or something more local like Chaloklum Beach.

Don’t worry if you don’t know the answer yet – that’s what I’m here to help you with! To start, have a look at this map to see where you’ll find each of the areas with good accommodation in Koh Phangan.

Where to stay on Koh Phangan

As you can see, they are spread out across the island so it’s worth doing a bit of planning in advance.

I’ve also got some tips on where to stay on Koh Tao, if you’re heading there as well.

Now, to help you find where to stay on Koh Phangan, let’s take a look at the main areas and the range of good accommodation in each of them.

Thong Sala

A lot of people come to Koh Phangan for the beaches – and if your idea of a perfect day is a short stroll to the sand, where you’ll plonk yourself until sunset, then you’ll probably want to stay at one of Koh Phangan’s beautiful beach areas.

But there’s also lots to explore on the island, so if you’re going to be heading off to different parts all the time, it might make more sense to base yourself somewhere central. Which is where Thong Sala comes in.

Thong Sala is the main city on Koh Phangan, and it’s also where the ferries arrive. So one of the advantages of staying in Thong Sala is that you can probably walk to your accommodation (saving on a transfer). From here, you can head east to Haad Rin, west to the beaches, or along the island’s central road to the northern areas.

Thong Sala is a lively part of the island with a huge range of restaurants, bars, shops, and all the other things you would expect in a commercial centre (the night market is a highlight). So it’s also a fun place to stay if you want to be amongst the action, with an easy ride to the backpacker zone of Haad Rin, if you’re coming for the Full Moon Party.


Less of a party hostel than some of the others, Prachan Hostel has modern and comfortable beds in a very convenient location.

  • Bodega Pool Party: As the name suggests, this is more of a party hostel and a really fun place to meet other travellers.
  • Arena Boutique Hostel: This homely hostel has a very clear difference to the others – it is female-only with an emphasis on safety for solo backpackers.


Right on the sand, Tiki Beach has a fun vibe with cheap rooms around a central pool and bar that has just the right amount of party.

  • Coral Bungalows: The bungalows feel a little old, but the price is right for a relaxed vibe right on the water.
  • Holiday Phangan: Very close to where the ferry arrives, this friendly hotel/hostel is perfect for people who don’t want to carry their luggage very far!


With beautiful rooms right on the sand, Angkana Bungalows is one of the best options for a beach experience in Thong Sala.

  • Kalulushi Bungalows: Not only does this beautiful property have views to the water, it’s also on the northern side of town for easier access to the island’s other beaches.
  • Dreamville: You quickly forget you’re in the middle of town in this tranquil green oasis with comfortable bungalows.


The two-bedroom villas at Sunshine Residence are little slices of heaven with welcoming designs and private pools.

Western Beaches

Along a four-kilometre stretch of coast in the northwest of the island there are a string of beautiful small beaches that I think offer some of the best accommodation options on Koh Phangan.

Although each of the beaches has a slightly different atmosphere, they’re all similar in that they feel secluded once you’re there, even though they’re just off the main road. On the sand, there may be a couple of bars or even a kayak rental shop, but generally it’s just bungalows or the entrance to a hotel.

From south to north, the beaches are:

  • Srithanu Beach: Probably the least crowded and least touristy, it doesn’t quite have the tropical escape vibe the others have, but it is the closest to town.
  • Zen Beach: With a reputation for its yoga studios, this has quite a chilled (almost hippie) atmosphere to the community.
  • Secret Beach: The beach itself doesn’t have much accommodation at the sandline, but there are lovely places on the headlands on either side.
  • Haad Yao: The largest of the beaches in this area, the hotels are bigger here and there are more drinking and dining options.
  • Salad Beach: Down the bottom of a steep hill, the drive in and out can be a bit scary but that helps this feel a bit more remote.

If any of those descriptions appeals to you in particular, you might want to dive into those accommodation options. Otherwise, here’s a good selection across them all.


The standard rooms at High Life Bungalow are very affordable considering the stylish design overlooking the beach.

  • Seetanu Bungalows: These cute bungalows are relatively basic but have a great location right on the beach.
  • Dragon Hut Resort: Along with the lovely staff here, you may also like the quiet location set back from the beach.


As quite a large property at Haad Yao, Amara Beach Resort has lots of facilities in a perfect location.

  • Salad Hut: A fun vibe, a lovely pool, and a wonderful location next to the beach make this a popular option.
  • Bamboo Bay Island Resort: Although the bamboo rooms make this feel a bit rustic, that only adds to the relaxing tropical feel here.


The stunning design of Bliss Villas is so nice you may not even need to leave these modern three-bedroom properties.

  • Bay Villas: With a few options to suit every size of group, these modern villas have incredible views from their elevated location.
  • Karma Villa: This three-bedroom house with plunge pool will instantly feel like a family home.

Mae Haad Beach

Of all the options on the island, I personally don’t think Mae Haad Beach is one of the best places to stay on Koh Phangan for most people.

There aren’t many dining spots, for instance, and it’s a bit disconnected from other parts of the island. For the majority of visitors, there are better options. (Although the beach is lovely and Koh Ma island makes it worth coming for a swim one day).

But, having said that, I think Mae Haad Beach is one of the best areas to stay on Koh Phangan for families! The main resort here is very kid-friendly and there’s easy and safe access right onto the beach.

In fact, families with young kids are one of the main groups that you will find staying here (perhaps another reason it doesn’t appeal to me) but that makes it fun for the little ones to have others to play with.

There isn’t a wide range of accommodation here, with the luxury resorts the main places to consider.


Offering good value rooms, the Maehaad Garden Inn has a family feel close to the beach’s shops and restaurants.

  • Maehaad Guesthouse: The rooms are fairly basic but it’s a great price to be close to one of the island’s prettiest beaches.


The luxurious villa at Baan Sook Jai has three bedrooms so is perfect for a family or group of friends.

  • Pim Bungalow: The bungalow here is quite simple but it’s affordable and in a convenient location with lovely staff.


Set amongst the trees, Wang Sai Resort has luxurious touches but a casual vibe stretching down to the beach.

  • Maehaad Bay Resort: Very family friendly, there’s a large pool, a good restaurant, and direct beach access.

Chaloklum Beach

On the northern coast, Chaloklum Beach is one of the best places to stay on Koh Phangan if you’re looking for something a bit quieter and more local, with fewer tourists than many of the other beaches.

There are a few sleepy restaurants on the main street (plus others down by the water), along with the usual tour agencies and dive shops, but I think it feels slower and more laidback than other parts of the island. With a motorbike, the direct road into Thong Sala is also quite quick and convenient.

There are a couple of guesthouses and resort-style accommodations here, but most of the offerings are larger private houses, which makes the beach a good place if you’re in a group and looking for a base for more than just a couple of nights.


The modern facilities of Mandalai Hotel just add to the comfort that comes with the beautiful views across the beach.

  • Mythai Guesthouse: With the atmosphere of a family home, this guesthouse is lovely and chilled with a restaurant on site.


Surrounded by nature, Red Pearl Beach Resort has comfortable bungalows at a really reasonable price.

  • Malibu Beach Bungalows: Although the bungalows are fairly basic, the combination of beach and jungle make this a wonderfully tranquil place to stay.


The new house at Adika has bright colours, modern amenities, and an incredible terrace right on the beach.

  • Boonya Swiss Home: Set slightly back from the beach, these charming houses have a peaceful vibe with easy access to the sand.
  • Silan Residence: The villas here are set around a gorgeous pool and you have the convenience of staff based on site.

Thong Nai Pan Beach

Tucked away in a secluded spot on the eastern coast of the island, Thong Nai Pan is a bit of a secret that most visitors don’t know about (or even visit). But because of its isolation, it’s one of the most beautiful options for where to stay on Koh Phangan.

There are actually two beaches here, only about 500 metres apart.

Thong Nai Pan Noi is where you’ll find the luxury resorts, with some of the most exclusive accommodation on Koh Phangan, popular with honeymooners, for example. And, while the nearby Thong Nai Pan Yai still has a bit of a resort feel, it’s much more casual and affordable.

The visitors of the two beaches coexist harmoniously because there’s little reason to go to the other beach – they’ve both got gloriously clean sand and wanter. But also because everyone’s here for the same reason: to relax in a little slice of paradise.


Even though Thong Nai Pan Beach Resort has some of the cheapest rooms, it’s still got a wonderful sense of exclusivity.

  • Dreamland Resort: This casual resort has fairly simple bungalows but it’s an affordable place to escape for a few days.
  • Starlight Resort: There’s a lovely large pool right by the water here, but the rooms are starting to look a little tired unfortunately.


Possibly the most luxurious property on the whole island, Anantara Rasananda Villas is the epitome of barefoot luxury, right on the beautiful beach.

  • T Villas: If you’re looking for some privacy, this will feel like a little home just a few minutes’ walk from the beach.
  • Baan View Talay Pool Villas: With a range of villas (some with a private pool), you’re a little up in the jungle so it feels even more remote.


With large elegant rooms, an enormous pool, and great food, Panviman Resort is true island luxury.

  • Santhiya Resort: Taking inspiration from traditional Thai architecture, the focus on wooden decoration makes for a more local (but very luxurious) stay.
  • Sand in My Shoes Beach Loft: Don’t let the relaxed exterior fool you – these rooms have some of the nicest design of anything you’ll find on the island’s beaches.

Haad Rin

Haad Rin is pretty much the busiest place on the island for tourism when there’s a Full Moon Party happening, with the beach becoming the focus of the celebrations, and the township around it becoming flooded with visitors.

If you’re come to Koh Phangan for the Full Moon Party, Haad Rin is the best place to stay because of the convenience, but make sure to book early because all the good places fill up months in advance.

Outside of that one party each month, Haad Rin is much quieter (even with the other parties that take place on the beach). Generally, there’s a backpacker vibe here, which is why you’ll find lots of hostels around Haad Rin – making it a good base for the budget traveller.

But the lovely beaches and the easy access from Thong Sala mean there’s more than just hostels here – in fact, there are some great resorts, which can be the perfect accommodation if you like a more luxurious place to stay but still want to be amongst the party vibe. 


It’s not the cheapest, but So Good Haad Rin is certainly the nicest hostel, with modern rooms, comfortable beds, friendly staff, and an amazing location on the beach.

  • Hideout Hostel: One of the main party hostels in Haad Rin, this is a great place to base yourself to meet new people.
  • Black Sheep Hostel: With a wonderfully friendly atmosphere, there’s also a good level of privacy behind the curtains of individual beds.
  • Bed Station: As one of the newest hostels in the party zone, there are modern touches in the rooms for a really comfortable stay.


Surprisingly quiet considering its location, Delight Resort has a beautiful pool, friendly staff, and a wide range of room options at good prices.

  • Coral Bungalows: With a party atmosphere right on the beach, this is an affordable and convenient option, although it’s getting a little tired with age.
  • Phangan Mantra Inn: It has a hotel feel, unlike the other budget options on the beach, but the clean and comfortable rooms in the heart of the action are great for a cheaper place to crash.


This is not what you expect at Haad Rin – in fact, with its cascading pools, Vannee Golden Sands is one of the nicest hotels on Koh Phangan!

  • Palita Lodge: This cute little spot right on the beach is where I first stayed almost 20 years ago – but it’s had a modern refresh since then!
  • Neptune’s Villa: It feels like a traditional hotel and, with some lovely modern touches, it’s a good escape from the hostels around Haad Rin.


Set up on a hill, Skymoon Resort has modern villas and a large pool with an incredible view out across the coastline.

  • Explorar Koh Phangan: The luxury offerings here include a large pool and a beachside bar that add to the fun young vibe of this fantastic option.
  • Princess Paradise Koh Phangan: Even though you’re close to town, this feels like a little pocket of relaxing tranquility amongst the jungle.

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