Episode 5: Alice Springs to Coober Pedy

Journey on the Ghan: Episode 5

Episode 5: Alice Springs to Coober Pedy

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In this episode, we go into the kitchen on board The Ghan to find out how you feed 300 people for four days while travelling through the Australian outback.

Over the course of the journey, all of us will eat nine meals. Not only do most of them need to be cooked in very small work spaces on board, all the ingredients need to be there from the start because there aren’t many shops along the way.

We’ll chat with one of the chefs, Chris Haywood, about how the meals and put together and the challenges of cooking on a moving train.

The Ghan Expedition, Australia

And we’ll also meet one of the restaurant managers, who has the job of keeping everything working and putting guests together for meals.

It’s a fascinating operation and there’s a lot going on behind the scenes that you would never imagine.

Listen to the episode here:

Next episode… we’ll be stopping at the mining town in the middle of the desert where people escape the heat by living beneath the surface.

Find out what it’s like for the residents of Coober Pedy.

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