Episode 2: Nitmiluk Gorge

Journey on the Ghan: Episode 2

Episode 2: Nitmiluk Gorge

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The 3000 kilometre trip from Darwin to Adelaide on board the luxury train, The Ghan, is one of the most iconic Australian journeys. In this episode, you’ll come with me on one of the stops – to Nitmiluk Gorge near Katherine in the Northern Territory.

This is a very special place for the local indigenous people, called the Jawoyn people. Although, it’s hard to know for sure – it’s claimed that the Jawoyn are the oldest living culture in the world – that they’ve been around for about 50-thousand years.

They have their own stories about Nitmiluk Gorge and they’ve been passed down for countless generations.

Nitmiluk Gorge, Katherine, Northern Territory, Australia

Tyrus, our guide, is indigenous and is Jawoyn through his grandfather’s side. He leads us through the gorge on two boat trips.

Where I see a rock escarpment, Tyrus sees a wall of history. Where I see a gum, he sees a family tree. Where I see a sight, he sees his story.

We’re lucky that he’s happy to share it – and it’s really interesting when he points out things and explains them as we cruise along.

Listen to the episode here:

Next episode, I’ll introduce you to some of the people who keep the train running the whole way through the desert. Your look at the inner workings is coming up then.

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