Wadden Sea, Norden, Germany

Mud in Germany

Holidaymakers come here to relax by the beach – many not even realising this is a unique landscape that hosts a habitat found nowhere else in the world.

Fagus Factory, Alfeld, Germany

If the shoe fits…

This factory was one of the first Modernist buildings in Europe and, amazingly, is still used by the same company that constructed it a century ago!

Andean Road System, Inca Trail, Peru

Running an empire

This incredible transport network stretched out over a huge part of South America. But you won’t believe how the Incans used to get messages along it!

ancient city of polonnaruwa

Exploring Polonnaruwa

This ancient Sri Lankan capital was the ultimate blend of civics and religion in a beautiful natural setting. What’s the best way to approach a visit?

Visiting Wismar, World Heritage Site, Germany

The rich Hanseatic cities

If you’re a rich city in the medieval days, what do you do? Well, you protect yourself and construct grand public buildings. That’s what these two did!

Jasmund National Park, Ancient Beech Forests of Germany

Europe’s original conquerors

These forests once covered most of Europe, with the centre here in Germany. There are just a few patches left in the world and you can visit one here.