Volklingen Ironworks, Volklingen, Germany

Völklingen Ironworks

Völklingen Ironworks was the first industrial site added to the World Heritage List. It played a huge part in development of Germany in the 20th century.

Muskauer Park, Bad Muskau, Germany

Muskauer Park

The dream of a travel writer and landscape gardener was to create a grand park in his homeland of Germany. And so Muskauer Park was born.

Wartburg Castle, Eisenach, Germany

Visit Wartburg Castle

For almost a millennium, it’s stood at the top of this mountain. Now, visiting Wartburg Castle offers you a gallery of this history.

Saalburg Fort, Bad Homburg, Germany

The Roman border

When the Romans were at their peak in the second century, these fortifications in Germany protected their frontier. Now, one fort’s been reconstructed.

is sri lanka expensive

Why is Sri Lanka so expensive?

After visiting a few sites in Sri Lanka, it’s when I reach the Sacred City of Anuradhapura that something hits home. Sri Lanka can be really expensive!

dambulla cave temple

Sri Lanka’s painted caves

For hundreds of years the statues and the cave paintings of Dambulla have survived, carefully looked after by the devoted. So who created who?