Zollverein Coal Mine, Essen, Germany

Visit Zollverein Coal Mine

Since the founding of the Zollverein Coal Mine, its custodians have tried to bring beauty to the industrial site.

Palaces and parks of Potsdam, Germany

The Prussian Palace Kingdom

Not too far from the German capital, Berlin, the Prussian kingdom embarked on the biggest legacy project of its reign – Potsdam!

Rammelsberg Mines, Goslar, Germany

Visit Rammelsberg Mine

These mines in central Germany were used continuously for more than 1000 years! So what’s it like to go inside the tunnels of Rammelsberg today?

temple of the tooth

Buddha’s tooth

Hundreds of years ago, a relic of Buddha ended up here in Sri Lanka. Today, the temple holding it brings pilgrims from all across the world.

horton plains national park

The end of the world

If you trek through the Horton Plains National Park in the Central Highlands of Sri Lanka, you can reach the end of the world. Just don’t be late!