horton plains national park

The end of the world

If you trek through the Horton Plains National Park in the Central Highlands of Sri Lanka, you can reach the end of the world. Just don’t be late!

Historic Centre of Lima, Peru

The world’s greatest genocide?

Millions and millions of people died over the centuries because of an aggressive colonisation. Should we view this today as mass murder?

Classical Weimar, Germany

Germany’s intellectual town

In the small German town of Weimar, there was a flourishing intellectual scene that created some of the country’s best writers and artists.

Speyer Cathedral, Speyer, Germany

Visit Speyer Cathedral

The largest Romanesque church in the world, visiting Speyer Cathedral takes you inside a masterpiece of religious architecture.

Volklingen Ironworks, Volklingen, Germany

Völklingen Ironworks

Völklingen Ironworks was the first industrial site added to the World Heritage List. It played a huge part in development of Germany in the 20th century.

Muskauer Park, Bad Muskau, Germany

Muskauer Park

The dream of a travel writer and landscape gardener was to create a grand park in his homeland of Germany. And so Muskauer Park was born.