day trips from prague

Best day trips from Prague

Get more out of your time in the Czech Republic with these suggestions of day trips from Prague. With a variety of destinations, there’s something for everyone.


The ghetto and the church

The Czech city of Třebíč shows the worst of European policies but the best of humanity, with two religions side by side

holy trinity column

Holy Trinity Column in Olomouc

It might sound strange to go all the way to Olomouc just to see a column – but it’s a special column. And it turns out the city is quite spectacular too!

sedlec ossuary

Kutna Hora’s Church of Bones

One of the strangest sights you will ever see – this creepy church is decorated with the bones of thousands of dead bodies!

things to do in kutna hora

Things to do in Kutna Hora

This old silver mining city has a richness of sites to see. This church and cathedral are two of the most important.