best restaurants in toledo

Spain’s Gastronomy City

Toledo has been named Spain’s Capital of Gastronomy for 2016. Here are some of the best places to find out why it’s such a culinary destination.

Talaiotic sites and culture, Menorca, Spain

The ancient islanders of Spain

Nearly 3000 years ago, an ancient race lived on the Spanish island of Menorca. We don’t know much – but we do have these ruins of the Talaiotic Culture.

Nature in Menorca, Spain

The punishment that was a gift

It’s no coincidence that the Spanish island of Menorca has beautiful nature while its neighbours are full of development. Here’s the inside story why!

things to do in san sebastian

Spain’s Capital of Culture

San Sebastián will be a European Capital of Culture this year. So what does that mean, if you’re thinking of visiting? Well, it’s very good news!