Cider houses, San Sebastian, Spain

Cider house rules

The Basque region of Spain around San Sebastian has a long tradition of making cider. You can see for yourself – but a visit to one of the cider houses is anything but normal!

Pintxos in San Sebastian, Spain

Don’t call it tapas!

What are pintxos and how can you make pintxos? Well, I head to San Sebastian in the Basque region to find out the answers… and eat as much as possible!

Sailing a yacht in Menorca, Spain

Sailing Menorca’s coast

It should have been a wonderful day of sailing – and it was until lunch… then the weather changed and I wondered if we would make it back alive.

things to do in ciutadella

The streets of Ciutadella

The old capital of Menorca, Ciutadella, has some of the most beautiful old streets and architecture on the whole Spanish island. Explore them with me.

Where is mayonnaise from? Menorca or France.

The real origin of mayonnaise

There are two countries that claim they invented mayonnaise. The argument about the real origin is heated – so what is the truth?

What is Menorca like?

First impressions of Menorca

Viva Menorca! If you’re considering a Menorca holiday, you’re on the right track. When it come to things to do in Menorca, there’s more than you think.