visit prambanan temple

Two great temples of tolerance

The Indonesian city of Yogyakarta has two incredible temples within easy reach. Here is the story of Prambanan, the largest Hindu complex in the country.

yogyakarta market

Yogyakarta’s old market

Shopkeepers sit on stools and sell vegetables, fires burn with pots boiling on top, a woman cuts open a coconut. This is a market as authentic as they come!

mount merapi jeep tour

After the lava

When Indonesia’s Mount Merapi erupted in 2010, lava come pouring down the slopes at 110km/h. The villages in its path didn’t stand a chance!

water castle yogyakarta

Sultan wants a wife

At Yogyakarta’s Water Palace (Taman Sari), the Sultans of the region used to find their wives. Today you can stand in their tower and imagine those days.