Sewell abandoned mining town, Andes, Chile

Ye olde abandoned mining town

The abandoned mining town of Sewell, high in the Andes of Chile, is an eerie place. Now heritage-protected, it is a reminder of the hard lives many men had.

Visiting Valparaiso in Chile

The panoramic kaleidoscope

The cultural capital of Chile in Valparaiso is one huge explosion of colour. It’s a city you can explore for days and getting lost here is a pleasure!

ischigualasto provincial park

Man on the moon

This national park in Argentina is not the easiest to get to – but the trip is worthwhile. The stunning landscapes resemble something from outer space!

jesuit block of cordoba

My new mission

The Jesuit Block in the Argentinian city of Cordoba represents a seminal time in history as European and native cultures were brought together.

visit iguazu falls

How the mighty falls

Iguazu Falls is one of the natural highlights of South America. You can see them from either the Brazilian or the Argentinian side. So which is best?