things to do in valencia

Visiting Valencia

With a long park in an old riverbed through the centre of Valencia, this Spanish city is a breath of fresh air.

things to do in menorca

The best things to do in Menorca

If you’re looking for the best things to do in Menorca, I’ve got lots of suggestions. Although it’s a relaxing island, it’s easy to fill your days exploring the nature and the culture of Menorca!

seville alcazar

A clash of cultures in Seville

These two monumental sites in the centre of Seville say a lot about a period of Spanish history when civilisations were clashing.

aranjuez royal palace

Visit Aranjuez Royal Palace

The opulent interiors are a highlight, but don’t miss the palace gardens, which are an attraction in themselves!

things to do in zaragoza

Art and the city in Zaragoza

There are centuries of art to discover in Zaragoza – from the World Heritage ‘mudejar’ style, right up to modern murals.