things to do in menorca

The best things to do in Menorca

If you’re looking for the best things to do in Menorca, I’ve got lots of suggestions. Although it’s a relaxing island, it’s easy to fill your days exploring the nature and the culture of Menorca!

Talaiotic sites and culture, Menorca, Spain

The ancient islanders of Spain

Nearly 3000 years ago, an ancient race lived on the Spanish island of Menorca. We don’t know much – but we do have these ruins of the Talaiotic Culture.

Nature in Menorca, Spain

The punishment that was a gift

It’s no coincidence that the Spanish island of Menorca has beautiful nature while its neighbours are full of development. Here’s the inside story why!

Sailing a yacht in Menorca, Spain

Sailing Menorca’s coast

It should have been a wonderful day of sailing – and it was until lunch… then the weather changed and I wondered if we would make it back alive.

things to do in ciutadella

The streets of Ciutadella

The old capital of Menorca, Ciutadella, has some of the most beautiful old streets and architecture on the whole Spanish island. Explore them with me.