dublin food tours

Much more than potatoes

There’s a brand new dining scene in Dublin and it’s got foodies excited. With a mixture of quality and value, here are the best places to eat in Dublin.

james joyce tower

Where Ulysses all began in Dublin

James Joyce took many of his experiences as inspiration for his masterpiece, Ulysses. You only need to go slightly down the coast from central Dublin to find the first one.

guinness factory tour

The many shades of Guinness

The Guinness brand is synonymous with Ireland but the story is about much more than a beer. There’s a long history intertwined with the country.

dublin castle tour

Dublin Castle’s green veneer

Dublin Castle is the setting for some of Ireland’s most important state functions – but the building reveals a history the country would prefer to forget.

patricia piccinini artworks

Artistic mutations

The works of Australian Patricia Piccinini were the clear highlight of the art exhibitions at this year’s Galway International Arts Festival. Here’s why: