museums in florence

Florence and the museums

In this Italian city infused with art and heritage, there’s so much to discover – including its incredible museums!

ponte vecchio florence

Rumour has it…

You hear a lot of rumours about history as a tourist. But is this one about the Ponte Vecchio in Florence true? Did Hitler really save it?

gucci museum florence

Excessive Baggage

There was a time when luxury luggage from Gucci was a statement of who you were and why you were travelling. At Florence’s Gucci Museum, you can see it all.

villa in umbria

Under the Umbrian sun

At a villa in the Umbrian countryside, I relax into a soothing Italian way of life and learn to appreciate the weather we get.

easter in assisi

Easter in Assisi

The annual Good Friday procession through Umbria’s ancient city of Assisi is an important Easter event in Italy. To be there is a strange experience.