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The inspiration of Salvador Dali

Cap de Creus Natural Park, Spain Sometimes there are minds you can’t even imagine comprehending, imaginations seemingly too warped to understand, things that seem to be but exist only when you’re imagining them. Imagination – it comes from somewhere. Perhaps it comes from inspiration. That makes sense, doesn’t it? There needs to be a spark and what is inspiration if the not the ignition of an idea? Just like fire needs heat to exist, all the best creativity needs a stimulus. Salvador Dali, the great twentieth century painter, found inspiration here on the coast of Spain. In the Cap de Creus Natural Park in the country’s Costa Brava region, he found the shapes that would form in his mind and be realised on the canvas. Rocks like animals, trees like people, perhaps even clouds like melting clocks? Dali grew up in this region and as a child he would spend time along the coast....

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08 October