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Inside maximum security

Deep inside maximum security, the Angola prison rodeo pits inmate against inmate and raging bulls. It’s the ultimate battle of people with nothing to lose.

crossville treehouse

Stairway to Heaven

There are plenty of weird things you can discover on a roadtrip through the US. In Tennessee, the enormous tree house build for God is a good example.

visit graceland

Long live The King

You don’t need to be an Elvis fan to appreciate the Graceland Mansion in Memphis. This was a man who lived life to the extreme – and you can see how here.

texas state fair

Grease 3: The Texas Fair

One of the main focuses of any US state fair seems to be the food. At the Teas Fair in Dallas, I sample some of the weird and wacky meals on offer.

what is austin like

Austin City has no limits

Austin, Texas, is a strange little colony in the middle of such a big state. It’s so different to everything around it – and that’s what the charm is!