Philadelphia plane street art, USA

In plane site

Don’t be fooled, a plane has not crashed into the streets of Philadelphia. This is a piece of street art. But look inside and you’ll see there’s more to it.

Visiting Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's House, Virginia, USA

All men are created equal

Visiting the house in Virginia that Thomas Jefferson built gives you an insight to his genius. But it also raises questions of his morality and ethics!

Can you visit the NSA? National Cryptologic Museum, Maryland, USA

How to make being a spy boring

If you’re expecting a cool espionage museum, be prepared for disappointment. Even though this is a NSA facility, it makes being a spy look pretty boring!

Bladensburg Dueling Grounds, Maryland, USA

A challenge of a duel

Just past the border of Washington DC is a place where men used to go to settle their disputes. Two guns, one survivor. That was politics at its simplest.

Visiting US Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland, USA

The future of the US Navy

It’s got a college feel to it but there’s a lot more to the US Naval Academy than a school. This is where the future of the US military is trained!