saklikent gorge

Through the river to the canyon

Not far from the Turkish city of Fethiye, is Saklikent Gorge. It is definitely worth the trip to see it if you are nearby… and don’t be afraid to explore.

blue mosque and hagia sophia

A city divided and conquered

Inside two of Istanbul’s most famous landmarks: Hagia Sophia and the Sultan Ahmed Mosque (the Blue Mosque). Both are critical to Istanbul’s history.

turkish gozleme

Making Turkish gozleme

A woman at a street stall in Turkey shows us how to make the perfect gozleme pancake. This one is with spinach and feta cheese.

istanbul grand bazaar

Inside the Grand Bazaar

Come inside Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar to see the colourful labyrinth of shops and stalls selling some of the most interesting trinkets that exist.


The mysterious Lycians

Who were the Lycians? It’s a good question. The short answer is they were a very important civilisation in Turkey, who were quite advanced for their time.