difunta correa

The unofficial saint for travellers

The church doesn’t recognise her, but millions of people worship Difunta Correa as the patron saint of travellers. You can tell by the roadside shrines.

jesuit block of cordoba

My new mission

The Jesuit Block in the Argentinian city of Cordoba represents a seminal time in history as European and native cultures were brought together.

indigenous people of paraguay

Land of the lost

The indigenous tribes of Paraguay have been mistreated over the years. In their words, this is their story, history and desires.

tierra santa buenos aires

The New Touristament

A theme park dedicated to the stories of Jesus isn’t something you would expect in Buenos Aires. But it’s attracting more than just families.

crossville treehouse

Stairway to Heaven

There are plenty of weird things you can discover on a roadtrip through the US. In Tennessee, the enormous tree house build for God is a good example.