paper museum portugal

Following the paper trail

Portugal: The Paper Museum in Santa Maria da Feira gives visitors a unique understanding of an industry that supported the region for centuries.

monastery of arouca

Vow of silence

The nuns at the Sao Pedro Monastery in the Portuguese town of Arouca all took a vow of silence. Today you can see what their lives would have been like.

santa maria da feira

A medieval evening in Portugal

A feast at the castle at Santa Maria da Feira in Portugal. But not just any feast – this is a special medieval feast where everyone is in character!


A bun each year keeps the plague away

The traditional snack, Fogaca, is intertwined with culture in Santa Maria da Feira in Portugal. It’s tasty, sure. But it also has an interesting history.

arouca geopark

The stones that give birth

The Arouca Geopark in Portugal has been specially classified because of the stones within it. But you don’t need to be a geologist to enjoy the beauty.