Guided tour of Wroclaw and Centennial Hall, Poland

Caught in the Polish matrix

I am introduced to an unusual guide through this interesting Polish city of Wroclaw with a rather concrete World Heritage Site on the outskirts of town.

Poland Euro 2012 Wroclaw

Is Poland ready for the football?

For football fans, it might be the cheap drinks and party cities that make Poland an attractive destination, but there’s much more to the venues than that.

polish food in krakow

More than just cabbage

Polish food is more than just cabbage. When you find the local delicacies, there’s a whole world of flavours and unique dishes.

visit wieliczka salt mine

800 steps and 800 years

It’s huge. It’s detailed. It’s made of salt and it’s under the ground in Poland. There’s something quite special about a visit to the Wieliczka Salt Mine.

wroclaw gnomes

The gnomes of Wroclaw

Walking the streets of Wroclaw, you notice another gnome, then another. By the seventh one you’re almost expecting to see Snow White pop her head out.