Visiting Colca Canyon, Peru

The great Incan storeroom

Colca Canyon, the old Incan storeroom and hub of agriculture in Peru, is still looked after by guardians who have been there for centuries.

Erotic Art, Museo Larco, Lima, Peru

Erotic art of old Peru

Although we may have a very conservative view of sex these days, this erotic pottery shows its important role in the cultures of ancient Peru

Chan Chan Archaeological Zone, Trujillo, Peru

The two great threats to Chan Chan

This enormous ancient mud metropolis was the largest city in the Americas before Europeans arrived. But now it’s under threat… and we are to blame.

How do you see the Nazca Lines, Peru

The doodles of aliens

Why are these enormous drawings in the middle of Peru’s desert? It could be an ancient astronomical calendar… or perhaps they were made by aliens!