Mount Merapi jeep tour, Indonesia

After the lava

When Indonesia’s Mount Merapi erupted in 2010, lava come pouring down the slopes at 110km/h. The villages in its path didn’t stand a chance!

What to see around Kota Tua, Jakarta Old Town, Indonesia

Jakarta’s old Batavia

The sprawling metropolis of Jakarta can seem daunting these days. It’s hard to imagine it was so small just a century ago… but that heritage still exists.

National Monument area, Jakarta, Indonesia

Sukarno’s Last Erection

For visitors to Jakarta, the best place to start seeing the city’s sites is around the National Monument area. Here’s what there is to see.

Things to do in Jakarta, Indonesia

Is Jakarta worth the wait?

On first impressions, Jakarta is just a busy and difficult city. But scratch below the surface and Indonesia’s capital reveals its best side.