ludwigsburg palace

Come inside a German Baroque Palace

Ludwigsburg Palace is one of the largest Baroque palaces in Germany. It was untouched by war and has incredible interiors you can see yourself.

v8 hotel

The ultimate pit stop

If you need a pit stop, then the V8 Hotel is the perfect spot. Themed rooms with cars turned into beds mean you can fall asleep behind the wheel here!

hamburg breweries

The brewery of the Hanseatic League

For hundreds of years, Hamburg was the ‘Brewery of the Hanseatic League’. Then the beer industry disappeared. Now, though, it’s making a comeback!

albrecht durer house

The Albrecht Dürer House

One of Germany’s greatest artists made his home in the city of Nuremberg. What can we learn from his legacy?

best restaurants in nuremberg

Best food in Nuremberg’s Old Town

Nuremberg is known for its history and its culture. But did you know it’s also got some fantastic traditional food? Here’s the best on offer!