tierra santa buenos aires

The New Touristament

A theme park dedicated to the stories of Jesus isn’t something you would expect in Buenos Aires. But it’s attracting more than just families.

photo tour buenos aires

Through the lens

Sometimes a city comes to life when you look at it from a different perspective. Through a photography tour, Buenos Aires took on a new level of mystery

buenos aires graffiti tour

The art of the oppressed

The best photos of the graffiti in Buenos Aires. The Argentinian street art has a complex history and a unique style.

visit casa rosada

Don’t cry for me…

Casa Rosada: The Argentinian Government let Madonna film there, it’s been the scene of military coups and now you can glimpse into the life of the President.

san telmo market

The bohemian sanctuary from modernity

The oldest neighbourhood in Buenos Aires, San Telmo, puts its charm on display at a market and street fair each week. True treasures are hard to find, though.