tea plantations in sri lanka

Working the tea fields

The tea industry in Sri Lanka is more than just a critical part of the economy. It also gives a lifestyle – and a home – to thousands of people.

temple of the tooth

Buddha’s tooth

Hundreds of years ago, a relic of Buddha ended up here in Sri Lanka. Today, the temple holding it brings pilgrims from all across the world.

horton plains national park

The end of the world

If you trek through the Horton Plains National Park in the Central Highlands of Sri Lanka, you can reach the end of the world. Just don’t be late!

is sri lanka expensive

Why is Sri Lanka so expensive?

After visiting a few sites in Sri Lanka, it’s when I reach the Sacred City of Anuradhapura that something hits home. Sri Lanka can be really expensive!

dambulla cave temple

Sri Lanka’s painted caves

For hundreds of years the statues and the cave paintings of Dambulla have survived, carefully looked after by the devoted. So who created who?

ancient city of polonnaruwa

Exploring Polonnaruwa

This ancient Sri Lankan capital was the ultimate blend of civics and religion in a beautiful natural setting. What’s the best way to approach a visit?