mount popa

High on a hill and guarded by monkeys

If you can brave the 777 steps, the monkeys, and the spirits, then the climb to the monastery at top of Mount Popa in Myanmar is a beautiful experience.

visit bagan

The incredible ancient city of Myanmar

The ancient city of Bagan was once one of the greatest cities in Myanmar – and Southeast Asia. Today it is in ruins but still an incredible place to visit.

things to do in bago

More than just the sights

When I met Kyee Maung, I had no idea how much he would be able to show me around Bago. His tour of the Myanmar city went well beyond just the sights.


Ending the day with snakes

The day started out with no plans and ended in the middle of a lake surrounded by snakes. That’s just the way things are here in Myanmar.

yangon circle train

Life on the track

Taking a trip on the circle line train around Yangon gives you an insight to the local life. The carriages become moving markets as they rattle around.

shwedagon pagoda

The heart of Myanmar’s faith

The Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon is the largest in Myanmar. The heart of the country’s Buddhist faith, it’s a shining golden symbol of the people.