tugendhat villa

The Tugendhat Villa in Brno

This icon of modernist architecture is open to the public – but it’s not quite that simple. This is what happened when I tried to see it.


Visit Telc: The charming Czech square

It may be a small town but it has the most charming square in all of the Czech Republic. There is something special about Telc and it’s worth a visit.


A small Czech village

This small village of just 23 homes has been listed as a World Heritage Site because of its historical importance. I visit Holasovice to find out why.

museum of communism

Prague’s Museum of Communism

It’s often hard to imagine these days that Prague was under communist rule for so long – but this museum gives an insight into those dark days.

hiking near prague

Hiking near Prague

To see some of the Czech countryside, take an easy day hike from Prague that also leads you past castles, churches and flooded quarries.

budweiser budvar brewery

Visit the Budweiser Budvar Brewery

When you think of Budweiser, you probably think of the US beer. But in this Czech city is a beer with the same name that’s caused a century of lawsuits!