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This relic of this cheap of simple Cambodian transport system can still be experienced in one part of the country. Here at the Battambang Bamboo Train....

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26 March
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Crossing the Andes

Crossing the Andes by bus When the combined Argentinian and Chilean armies crossed the Andes mountain range into Chile into 1817, it would lead to the downfall of Spanish control and independence for the country. When I did it, it would just lead to another stamp in my passport. Oh, and a bunch of nice photos of the scenery. I bet the guys in the army didn’t get any nice photos! (Partly because they were probably too busy worrying about that whole war thing… and partly because portable cameras had yet to be invented… but still.) I’ve been on a lot of long bus rides during my time in South America but none has been as scenic and stunning as the one from Mendoza in Argentina to Chile’s capital, Santiago. You see the mountains in the distance before you reach them. They’re imposing enough on the horizon. When the ascent begins, though,...

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23 February