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Visiting Luxembourg City

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg I had never really known if Luxembourg actually existed. For me, growing up on the other side of the world, European geography always consisted of the beer country, the wine country, the pasta country, the tapas country and ‘the other ones’. Luxembourg, if it was ever mentioned, was spoken about in the same way that Narnia was – a magical fictional land that is virtually impossible to find. Even if you were to know what to look for, you would have to squint and zoom on a map to find Luxembourg. Eventually, it’s located, squeezed in between Germany, France and Belgium. It kind of looks like the gap that’s left when you haven’t fit together two jigsaw pieces quite right. And, as it turns out, visiting the capital (also called Luxembourg) is a bit like going to that magical land I had always imagined. The city feels like it is...

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27 December
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Hostels in Luxembourg

Bourglinster, Luxembourg Bourglinster is one those places I didn’t expect. And I mean that in a few senses. I didn’t expect it to exist, I didn’t expect it to be so pretty, and I certainly didn’t expect it to have such a nice youth hostel. The town is in a rural area, right in the middle of Luxembourg. Walking downhill along a road, we took a short cut through a small part of forest and arrived at the top of Bourglinster. The street was lined with the cute Luxembourg architecture I was starting to get used to. The sound of a passing car was already getting softer as it drove away and a dog’s barking took its place. It was clearly a small community. There’s a castle at the highest point of this small town, which presumably has a lot to do with why the settlement was originally formed. It doesn’t explain why...

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13 December
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The oldest town in Luxembourg

Echternach, Luxembourg As I made my way across Luxembourg, walking the entire country from north to south, I had a chance to see the variety it has to offer. The capital (as you might expect) has a modern feel in some of the more commercial regions. But here in Echternach, just thirty kilometres away, you can get the best sense of the history of Luxembourg from the country's oldest town. The woman in the photo below is walking down the side of the Echternach Abbey towards the stairs which lead to the crypt. The sun shines through the stain-glassed window and is caught on the stone tiled ground...

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12 December
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The castle at Vianden

Vianden Castle, Luxembourg High up on the hilltop, the castle dominates Vianden. For a thousand years it has looked over the town in some form. And now it is people who look up to it, as one of Luxembourg’s most iconic buildings. Vianden is a small town in Luxembourg’s north with a population of about 1,500. Up from the river, the road leading to the castle has a small collection of restaurants and bars. One of them, a dark and smoky video bar with music and pool tables, seems out of place in such a provincial location. But it’s a reminder that this is not a tourist trap… this is a home and there are young people here who need some release. But once you’re at the top of that road, past the beers and the schnitzels, it is as though you have stepped back to medieval times. And the castle beckons. After falling...

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11 December
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The trails and tribulations of Luxembourg

Walking across Luxembourg The truck rushes past and the gust almost throws me off balance. It was a bit too close, that one. Highways are designed for vehicles at speed, not hikers on feet. The two fit uncomfortably on the same stretch of road and I’m anxious to get away from the heavy traffic. Thankfully Luxembourg is generally kind to those who like to walk and there are plenty of options to avoid the highway. It’s lucky because for six days, this was my home… the road, I mean. The mission was to walk the entire length of the country, with a few deviations to see some of the more interesting parts. My friend Meredith had joined me for the trip and we calculated it would be about 140 kilometres from top to bottom. Achievable, we thought, especially if we pared back what we were prepared to carry on our backs. We had picked...

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10 December