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The not so quiet American

You know those moments when every stereotype you have about a nationality is realised? I had one of them the other evening in a hostel in Austria. It might not surprise you to hear that the nationality in question was American. (Cue slightly off-key rendition of Star Spangled Banner.) I was trying to get some work done in the common room of the hostel. (OK, fine, you caught me out - I was procrastinating on Facebook!) But the point remains that I couldn't concentrate because the not so quiet American was having a very loud and very personal conversation on Skype. At first it was annoying but, when I started to eavesdrop on what he was saying, it was so entertaining I gave up all hope of getting any work done. (OK, I gave up hope of looking at my friends' photos and their inane updates on their kids or binge...

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25 May

Sign of the New York times

It's been less than 24 hours since I arrived in New York and already I've been astounded by something that so fits the American cliche that I wondered if it was a joke. I just can't quite comprehend why this sign on the subway is necessary. Does it say something about New York society? Or is it just a simple statement of fact? If you have a suggestion, please let me know in the comments below. ...

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23 September

You got it, dude!

As I sat at breakfast this morning, I pondered one of the timeless questions I quite often like to consider over coffee and toast - "What ever happened to predictability?" I mean, we kind of know what happened to the milkman...

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04 July

The truth of the net…

Not much really needs to be said about this - it kind of speaks for itself. On the road south from Denpasar to Ulawatu in Bali, this shop stands on an intersection. Either it is very clever marketing (it got me talking about it!) or it's a very unfortunate translation. It doesn't really matter I s'pose...

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27 June