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The good and evil of Bali

Visiting Bali, Indonesia There’s a dichotomy to Bali. It’s all, ultimately, about belief and perception. It’s about how you see the world, how you see your place in it, and how you judge the reason for it all. On this Indonesian island, there is a pervasive spirituality. The Hindu doctrines which have influenced it for centuries (while the rest of the country has moved towards Islam) remain today. In fact, in some ways, never more in history have they been more important to the identity of this special place. I’ve written about the spirituality of Bali before. The basic idea around the beliefs of the locals here is the acceptance that the same force that does good also does evil. The two, according to the philosophies, are inseparable because to understand one, you must have experienced the other. On this trip, probably my fourth of fifth to Bali (I seem to have lost count),...

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26 November

The force is strong…

Spirituality in Bali is a bit like Star Wars. By that I don’t mean that the spiritual leaders look like Yoda (although I’ve seen a couple who do). But more that the people here believe in an invisible force that is both good and evil and controls all living things. Take the black and white cloths that are wrapped around the images of the deities or around trees. They symbolize the yin and the yang; the light and the dark; the acceptance that the same force that does good also does evil and the two are inseparable because to understand one, you must have experienced the other. I write this post not because I am particularly spiritual (nor because I couldn’t resist a Star Wars analogy). I write this because everywhere I have gone in Bali, this has been one of the big topics when the conversations turn to Balinese culture. Even the...

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29 June

The truth of the net…

Not much really needs to be said about this - it kind of speaks for itself. On the road south from Denpasar to Ulawatu in Bali, this shop stands on an intersection. Either it is very clever marketing (it got me talking about it!) or it's a very unfortunate translation. It doesn't really matter I s'pose...

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27 June

Living La Villa Loca

For most of us, the extravagant life of luxury we see in television shows or magazines stays just that – a notion we understand, can see, can imagine but can’t touch. It seems so close and potentially so attainable but crossing the barrier through the screen or the magazine page to make it reality often stays just a dream. There is a way, though, to bring a taste of luxury to the average tourist and I’ve discovered it while travelling in Bali. As the number of foreign (particularly Australian) tourists increases in Bali, there’s a need for accommodation to keep pace. This isn’t only in the number of rooms available, but in the variety of what is on offer. Bali attracts one of the most diverse crowds of tourists in the region and that needs to be reflected in the services that are provided for them. The signs of development are everywhere...

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26 June