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The most beautiful woman in Florence

Venus de' Medici Once upon a time there was a woman who was the most beautiful in all of Florence. Men and women from all across the lands would travel to the city to see her. Of all the attractions in Florence, she was the one people most wanted to see. Venus de' Medici was her name. And for centuries she would stand, unmoving and serene, as crowds gathered around to admire her every feature. But over the years, she lost her lustre. Age did not weary her, nothing in her face changed and her pose remained unmoved. It was the views of the populous which altered and in their eyes she was no longer the most beautiful in the land. The crowds stopped coming to see Venus de' Medici - or, at least, they no longer came specifically to see her. And today she is to many tourists unknown, a faded star...

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19 April