itaipu dam

That’s dam big!

The Itaipu Dam in Paraguay is one of the seven Engineering Wonders of the World. It was also the largest of its kind in the world until recently.

visit iguazu falls

How the mighty falls

Iguazu Falls is one of the natural highlights of South America. You can see them from either the Brazilian or the Argentinian side. So which is best?

World's Oldest Backpacker travel blog

Stories from John

John Waite is the world’s oldest backpacker, still staying at hostels at the age of 89 as he travels the globe. Here are some of his tales from his journey.

World's oldest backpacker, John Waite

The world’s oldest backpacker

At 89, John Waite can easily claim the title of world’s oldest backpacker. After his wife passed away, he retired and his began his 30 year world journey.

great wall of china

If these walls could talk

The Great Wall of China stretches across the country. One of the easiest places to visit it from is Beijing. But what does the wall think of that? 🙂